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Laser Hair Removal

After your free consultation, our physician will review your medical history, skin appearance and assess your initial test spots.  Physician evaluation and assessment of client treatment area and initial test spot is required per the Ohio Administrative Code and is strictly adhered to at Laser Epilations.  After you've been cleared by the doctor for treatment your journey towards a more confident you begins.

Corinna Johns, CT, CLT, Managing Member

Hello, I am the Managing Member of Laser Epilations, LLC.  I am licensed by the Medical Board of Ohio as a Cosmetic Therapist and hold additional certification to provide your laser hair removal treatments.  I started off as a laser hair removal client, so I understand the importance of thoroughness, dignity, and discretion.

Laser hair removal is my passion.  It seems like an odd remark, however, providing women and men a solution to their unwanted hair brings me great satisfaction.  Over the thousands of treatments I've performed I've met many women that confided they would hesitate getting close or even kissing their husbands in fear of revealing their stubbly secret.  I've met many men that stopped hanging poolside because they were embarrassed of their unwanted chest and back hair.  For many, laser hair removal provides the convenience of hair-free living, however for some, it's more than's life-changing.

I'm with you every step of the way.  From your free consultation to your last laser hair removal treatment, I'd consider it a privilege to be your laser hair removal medical professional.  -Cori


Forearms and Hands, Hands only, Upper Arms, Underarms and Full Arms options


Bikini line, Bikini Shaping (triangle, strip), Full Brazilian (female anatomy)


2" below waist to 1" below gluteal cheek, hip-to-hip


Lip, chin, forehead, glabella, sideburns, cheeks, ears, and combination packages available


Upper Legs, Lower Legs (includes knees and toes)


Neck (front), Neck (back), Areolas, Abdomen, Chest, Cleavage only, Navel Strip, Shoulders, Back (partial), Back (full)