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Laser Hair Removal

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

We invite you to schedule your free consultation so we can determine if you are a candidate for laser hair removal. 

What will the treatment feel like?

The Vectus by Palomar is a diode laser equipped with a Sapphire tip and Advanced Contact Cooling.  When the machine is set to effective treatment parameters you may feel a momentary "snap" at the treatment site.  Every person has his/her unique tolerance to LHR treatments; stress, caffeine, and menstrual cycle may increase sensation.

How does laser hair removal work?

The most common types of laser hair removal machines are Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:Yag.  IPL, which is not a true laser, is also be used for permanent hair reduction.  The primary principle behind laser and IPL hair removal is selective photothermolysis which is selective destruction of a chromophore (target) by using an appropriate wavelength at the right exposure time and pulse duration with sufficient energy fluence.  The chromophore target for the Vectus is melanin (pigment).

The Cynosure/Palomar Vectus is a Diode laser with a wavelength of 800 nanometers (nm) and your medically licensed professionals determine the most effective treatment parameters while keeping your safety at the highest level of priority.

Which laser modality is best?

This is a great question!!! It depends who you ask.  There are many lasers on the market and many physicians and clinicians insist they use the "gold standard" in the industry.  The fact of the matter is all of the above laser modalities have the ability to work well for laser hair removal if the appropriate settings are used; some work better than others for specific situations.  This will be discussed during your free consultation.

Why does Laser Epilations use the Vectus?

The Vectus laser features the integrated SkintelTM Melanin ReaderTM, the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, helping providers to more safely offer optimized hair removal treatments tailored to each client's skin type, lifestyle, and ethnicity.  The Skintel helps to accurately identify how much melanin (pigment) your skin contains and also senses pigment changes in your skin between treatments that may not be easily discerned by you or the laser professional.  The Skintel Index, along with the experience and skill of the Cosmetic Therapist/Laser Operator determines the most effective and safest settings for your skin. 

How many treatments will it take?

Careful timing must be considered between treatments as only actively growing hairs are effectively destroyed by the laser.  If you stay out of the sun and keep your appointments consistent, it may take between 6-12 treatments spaced 4-10 weeks apart for optimal results.  Resilient hairs and new hairs will require occasional maintenance.  We have chosen the Vectus to provide highly effective treatments so you reach your desired results within as little time as possible.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Call to schedule your free consultation to discuss current pricing.  Laser Hair Removal is very affordable at Laser Epilations.  Individual treatment pricing ranges from $75 to $150.  No package purchases necessary.  Bundle pricing and specials are available.

Whether you choose Laser Epilations or another provider of laser hair removal be sure of the following:

  1. There is a Medical Director on site to review your medical history and check your skin's initial reaction to the laser.  - This is required by the Administrative Code of Ohio and strictly adhered to at Laser Epilations
  2. Make sure they are licensed to practice.  Don't just rely on a certificate on a wall.  Look him or her up on the Medical Board of Ohio website to confirm the credentials; Physicians and Cosmetic Therapists can be located here:  Medical Board of Ohio  
  3. Make sure the person performing your treatment has been trained on the machine being used to treat you. Not all lasers, even within the same modality, work the same. On-site training by the manufacturer has been provided to the laser operators at Laser Epilations
  4. Make sure the machine being used is FDA approved for laser hair removal, such as the Cynosure/Palomar VectusTM.

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